I Smoke. I Die. She Gouges.

A woman is paid 8 million dollars after her chain-smoking husband contracted lung cancer and died. She sued Philip Morris on the grounds that tobacco companies “knowingly sold dangerous products and concealed smoking’s health risks,” an OC Register news article states.

Let me get the facts in order here, because I’m boggled. One, man has brain. two, man reads label on cigarette pack that states, very clearly, cigarettes are harmful. Three, man decides to smoke anyways. Four, man continues to smoke. Five, woman does or doesn’t try to stop man from smoking. Six, man dies from lung cancer. Seven, woman mourns, wait, err, never mind. Let me rephrase. Seven, woman skips the mourning period and sues the company that produces the cigarettes.

If that isn’t an indicator on how gloriously screwed our judicial system is, I’d be pressed to name what is. Really. Where did all the accountability go? He made the decision to smoke. Even if the man realized twenty years after learning about how dangerous nicotine was, he still had the choice- the choice- to stop. He didn’t though. And now, our judicial system is awarding 8 million dollars to the wife of an unaccountable nitwit. Glorious.

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