Traveling Well Together

Jessica and I- we travel well together. Recently, during our trip to New York City, this became clearer. A few rules when traveling with Jessica and Non:

One: you must always walk quickly when in the city. Dodge, sway, shoulder heaves, so as not to bump any- slower, less talented- power walkers.

Two: when in a museum, you must not linger. You also must not stop to look at every painting and/or read ever piece of writing. You must keep a pace of four steps for every 10 seconds.

Three: upon exiting the subway, or in any situation where you find yourself lost, seek Jessica’s guidance. Non is direction-less.

Four: while it may be economical to eat pretzels and cheerios for four days straight, it’s necessary to get something substantial in your belly from time to time. Otherwise, certain individuals may find themselves gnawing on your neck.

Five: have a home base. A hotel, place of residence, et al. It’s important to be able to come “home” to the now-familiar base every evening.


Considering point Four, we will not, much to my chagrin, be eating trail mix and apples for our camping honeymoon. Sad day.

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