Altruism is Evil

At this point, I just want my mother to be happy. For too many years she, at the behest of her God, had sacrificed herself for a man that warranted no such treatment. For years we told her to leave. But no. That evil, self-less, christian altruism gave her thirty plus years- off and on, mind you- of pain, stress, anxiety. For what purpose? Would it have been better if she had left? Would we, the kids, have been better for it? I don’t have these answers. I will, however, go out on the limb and say that she would have certainly been better off.

This is the evil of living for others. It’s disheartening. And, my mother whom I love so dearly, so preciously- this opinion of mine has been a long time coming. And for that, by keeping it from you, I am sorry.

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