Michael Keaton, Here I Come.

I’ve got kids on the brain. Yes, kids- those sticky, crying balls of joy, with the dirty palms, and the mushy bottoms.

Yesterday, after work, I went to pick up Scooby at the pet sitter’s house (the Dobsons), and, to my great pleasure, found that Cecilia and gang were there. for the next hour, Sophie, Sawyer and I played Chase the Unicorn, Hide and Seek, Run From the Crazy Gladiator Legs Boy, and I’m a Doggy Mommy, Look at Me Now.

It was spectacular. In fact, it always is spectacular. Granted, I’ve yet to have to deal with the Quote Unquote real parenting moments (such as the sleepless nights, the diarrhea diapers, the whining, the snot bubbles, the fighting, etc.) But i very much look forward to those as well.

Call me crazy, but I want kids. I keep telling Jessica I want more than I realistically do, upping the number every time I bring it up, just so I can see her cute scrunched up “oh gosh Non is acting up again” face.

The other day, a friend of mine told me everything changes when you have kids. I look forward to that day. The day i can call myself “mr. mom.”

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One thought on “Michael Keaton, Here I Come.

  1. 13
    you mean you really don’t want 13 kids!!! woohooooooooo

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