Can’t Stop Me Now

Some time ago, I began my first novel. I had just completed a novella, my longest work at the time, and I was yearning for something a bit more expansive. That something turned out to be the revelatory and often autobiographical experience, musings, struggle, and, ultimate journey of one Alasdair James Galloway. And the story that encapsulates young Alasdair’s journey is the in-progress novel A Thousand Screaming Rabbits.

That is where the blog comes into play. It’s been something like eight months since I’ve written any legitimate fiction, and I need to remedy that. This blog will act as a sort of writing tool; an ongoing characterization of my “journey” until its invariable (!) completion. That is, at the very least, the goal. I will not actually include the story within the blog itself (although I will probably insert snippets here and there) but will instead write about just about everything else pertaining to said story: technical details, themes, ideas, characters, inspirations, et al. This blog will also help me stay on  task. No more random, if not intentionally disruptive, musings simply because I don’t have the courage to continue.

My hope is that you, my friends, will take part, play along, indulge and support me along the way.

Non Talbot Wels

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6 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Me Now

  1. Rich Dobson says:

    No turning back now…you’ve gone public committing to completion of the great American novel. I’m on your team…go Non!

  2. Jen Canning says:

    So PROUD of you!!! Novels are a task and a blog is an excellent way to keep on task… looking forward to the excerpts. Have fun with it, drink with it, love it! Good luck, Jen

  3. Tannen says:

    Congrats man! I think it is a great idea.

  4. Tannen says:

    BTW You should find a way to get people to subscribe or follow your blog

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