Reveling in Productivity

Productivity, I’d say, is one of my highest values. At times, even, it seems I can’t get enough of it. The six day work weeks, the novel writing, the cleaning and laundry I reserve for Saturdays; the exercise, the reading, the planning our wedding. It is all so fantastic- and it makes me curious about something.

How does one not relish in the highest attainable form of productivity at all times, within every moment, instance, and experience? To be frank, I can’t see it any other way.

I’ve tried. Certainly I’ve tried. A casual, “lazy” Sunday passes me by with nary an ounce of what I imagine those days consist of. Resting on the couch for a few hours to watch a movie, or a television show on DVD (I don’t have cable) is fine, and can be quite enjoyable. But I find, after a spell, my mind wanders to those productive places once again. And then I get up.

As far as I see it, to be productive is to live. And, consequently, you can take that two ways: one) in order to live, one must create, make progress, utilize that which is around you to produce; and two) to live- that is, to live well- one must be productive, and yearn to attain, by their own volition, the highest form of productivity.

So get out there, my dear friends, and live.

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2 thoughts on “Reveling in Productivity

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