The Obesity Epidemic

First of all, I think their use of the word ‘epidemic’ is grossly exaggerated. Second, for something to be of concern, that something needs to be of concern to the individual who is making those decisions. In other words, it’s only a health concern if the unhealthy individual deems it so.

I came home to pick up Scooby at doggy day care (aka the Dobsons). They were watching Dr. Puke, I mean Phil. He was on telling parents to take control over their child’s eating habits. I mean look at her, she’s 9 years old and 100 pounds dripping sweat. Does this disgust me? Certainly. Does it really matter? Not too much.

People, at the end of the day, are going to choose to do what brings them the most joy. People will eat junk because they want to. They will drink crap because they want to. It’s not up for us to decide for them, to appoint some bureaucrat to decide for them, or some such nonsense. It’s up to them. If they, or I, want to be generally overweight, that’s my decision; that’s my choice. No one should have a say. Not until that decision, in some way, infringes upon another.

However, I do believe that it’s pretty darn awful for parents to raise their kids with that. Don’t tell me they aren’t aware of it, either. Hell, call me broad-minded but I do think it’s general knowledge that by eating fat and sugar all day long will invariably give you health problems. And if you don’t know for some reason, you’ve been under a gigantic rock for 40 years, then perhaps take a gander through the internet at your local public library. Simply type “healthy eating.” You’ll be amazed!

So that is how I see it. One can choose, on their own volition, to be overweight, obese, mildly fat, skinny, et al. It doesn’t matter. If they value that, then by all means, have at it.

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