Artificial Demand for Energy Efficient Televisions

As reported in The Orange County Register, The California Energy Commission wants to ban “energy-guzzling” televisions.

This is silly.

What this does is create an artificial need within the market. Shouldn’t the consumer dictate as to where the market goes? And it seems to be going that direction, anyhow. Energy efficiency is smart. Of course. But it’s not quite there yet. People like their big screen televisions. They like them because they are so damn big and so damn clear simultaneously. Energy efficiency isn’t- at least at the current- a top priority.

For starters, it’s grossly inefficient for a bureaucratic to make these decisions before the consumers do.

Secondly, isn’t it a personal decision, a personal choice to purchase a television? As Robert P. Murphy states in this Op-Ed, it’s like if “bureaucrats suddenly banned eating out at fancy restaurants.” If a consumer wants to purchase a lobster meal once a week, that’s their prerogative. The same goes for televisions. Until that time when television manufacturers decide it is wise to create more energy-conscious options, based upon the demand created by the consumer, this law is simply establishing a “need” that is wholly artificial.

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