Being Not of This World

Well, we found a new place to live! So that’s exciting. We’ll be moving out in less than a month to a place that is less expensive and simply better all around. With that, and all of the hectic mania of relocating, as well as the madness of the holiday that is known as Christmas, my work on the novel has come to a halt. Don’t fret though, I’ll pick it up again after the new year, after we move and settle in.

In the meanwhile, I’ve continued my usual, contemplative writing, of which is posted below.

Driving this morning to work, I was cut off by a slick, gargantuan, black Ford F-150. Aside from the obvious coolness of the truck’s killer off-road wheels and the way in which those same wheels raise the truck’s frame to a point that is high enough to be out of touch with practical driving necessity or reality, the back window was brandished with one of those Not of This World stickers.

Evidently, considering the occurrence, the driver doesn’t act like a sane, solicitous individual of this world. So if this guy is not of this world- my world, the world in which I live- it stands to reason that he is from some other world. From there, I can only estimate that his world is a world in which people cut each other off on their way to work.

Is that what the sticker is supposed to mean? That he, being Not of This World, can do what he wishes, regardless of how it affects others?

And on a grander, more philosophical level, what does a sticker like this mean for those who decorate their automobiles with them?

We know that they are Not of This World and we know that they want others, complete strangers, to know this fact. But why live in this world if you are not of it? If you, as you claim, do not belong, what is there to live for? If you are proud of what the sticker espouses, and you live according to what it implies, why be here at all?

On the surface, I understand what the sticker is meant to imply. It says: I am a believer; I have a greater purpose, unfettered by the material superfluousness of this place. It says, this World is fleeting, this World will perish, and on the other side, at the end of my life, there is a World that is worthy of my care and concern.

But what it really says is this: in the meanwhile, in this World, I can cut people off on my way to work and pay it no mind because hey, I am Not of This World.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Religion&iid=7309980″ src=”2/9/4/9/St_Josephs_Dream_e754.jpg?adImageId=8449631&imageId=7309980″ width=”380″ height=”477″ /]

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2 thoughts on “Being Not of This World

  1. Jessica says:

    These people are annoying!

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