Married Amidst Chirping Birds, Literary Centerpieces and Felt Flowers

We were married on June the Fifth, amidst chirping birds, literary centerpieces and felt flowers.

Non and Jessica- Jacques Funke Photography

It was a beautiful event that went smoothly from beginning to end. This, I must say, is in large part due to Dad Dobson’s tireless organization and detail-relishing presence. He was our unofficial (unofficial in that he wasn’t contracted, and that we ate his food during our many meetings) wedding planner. Think J Lo without rhythm, but with a superior attachment to everyday reasons to laugh. Thank you sir.

Groomsfolk (from L) Rach, Tannen, Non, Jeff, Kyle - Jacques Funke Photography

Smiling With Friends - Jacques Funke Photography

I also cannot continue without thanking Mom Dobson, whose many meals kept us nourished, whose last-minute touches to, frankly, “screw the budget” were refreshing, and whose patience often helped to diminish the delirium in the end. Additionally, I want to thank my parents (and Claire Bear) who were the masterminds behind the wedding shower and the gorgeous wedding rehearsal dinner. They were both successful events with tasty bites and genuinely wonderful company.

Jessica Reads Her Vows - Jacques Funke Photography

Non Reads His Vows - Jacques Funke Photography

Claire Bear Stares, then Cries - Jacques Funke Photography

Raymond Speaks Beautifully - Jacques Funke Photography

Lastly, but certainly not to be considered least, I want to thank my lovely critter bug. You are the embodiment for all of this joy, all of these smiles, all of these reasons to love you. Thank you.

Jessica and I, we wanted a wedding that had the feel of a fun, casual summer’s day in the park.

We wanted a wedding that was a visual and emotional encapsulation of our passion for the literary and the natural world, and was representative of our own unique whimsy and merriment.

We wanted a wedding that we could share with our loving family and friends.

And it was all of these things, and so much more.

Posing With Her Felt Flower Bouquet - Jacques Funke Photography

Dad Dobson and Jessica Goofing Per Usual - Jacques Funke Photography

Jessica and Non Under the Gazebo- Lesley Lukens Photography

Books as Wedding Favors- Lesley Lukens Photography

Felt Flowers by Leisa Rich - Centerpieces - Lesley Lukens Photography

Bride's Bouquet by Leisa Rich - Lesley Lukens Photography

We Laugh Together - Jacques Funke Photography

We Do Piggyback - Jacques Funke Photography

And We Stroll - Jacques Funke Photography

Cutting Our Jenny Cake - Jacques Funke Photography

Non and Jessica as Cake Topper - Jacques Funke Photography

Cupcakes by Jenny Karp - Jacques Funke Photography

The Reception - Jacques Funke Photography

Thanks again to Thomas Morgan for the tunes, Raymond Obstfeld for the officiating, Leisa Rich for the flowers, Jenny Karp for the cupcakes, Kathryn Rooklidge for the centerpieces, Lesley Sopp-Lukens for the photos, Jacques Funke for the photos and our beautiful groomsfolk and bridesmaids for the support.

See more photos here!

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15 thoughts on “Married Amidst Chirping Birds, Literary Centerpieces and Felt Flowers

  1. Kim says:

    Absolutely stunning! For my 40th birthday, I asked everyone to bring me a gift of the book that was most meaningful to them in their lifetime. Then I gave them a book as a party favor. Great idea.

  2. Thanks Kim! Ooh, that’s a superb birthday gift idea. 🙂 May I use that?!

  3. Morgan says:

    Beautiful you guys. You’re such nerds, but with such style! Sorry we couldn’t be there, congratulations on starting a new chapter together (see what I did there?). Seriously though, love you two, hope to see you soon.

  4. Thanks Morgan. 🙂 Nerds with style. I like that. Nerds do have a style. There will be chapters galore; aplenty! Jessica and I would so very much love to make a trip out there. I am reading your email right now. So beautiful.

    Love ya!

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  9. Jake says:

    nice felt flower craft. I was thinking if how it looks like when we use recycle fabric.

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  11. nonamerah says:

    I almost cried watching the pictures… And books as wedding favors? You inspired me as well! 😀

  12. LWSpotts says:

    I just love the bookish theme to your wedding. How creative & beautiful!

    Please stop by my book blog sometime:

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