Miyazaki Mondays, and My Favorite Animated Films

One of my fondest memories came during the latter part of my senior year in college. Every Monday, my pal LM and I got together to watch Hayao Miyazaki movies. We coined the occasion “Miyazaki Monday.” After we went through his directed films, we watched a great deal more from Studio Ghibli. From there we moved onto the general animated film. And this is what brings us to my list of animated favorites. It was quite a challenge. My initial list hovered around 50 for a while, but I wanted to cut it down, leave nothing but the very best.

So it goes, my Top 25 Animated Movies of All Time:

15 Years Later. It's Still Quite Stunning. Pixar Started Right Here.

The Adventure. The Songs. The Rags to Riches. Robin Williams as the Voice of the Genie. So Great.

aka Laputa. The First of Many Hayao Miyazaki Films on The List.

A Story About Love, Independence and Choosing Who You Want to Be in This World.

The Most Intricate and Delicate of Miyazaki's Films. Academy Award Winner!

My All-Time Favorite War Story. Encapsulation of the Human Spirit in All Its Triumphant Glory.

Miyazaki's Best Family Film. Sweet, Tender and Fun. "Hey Let's Go!"

A Tight, Well Constructed Plot. Great Adventure. A Story of Family and Discovery.

Endearing Characters. Hopeful. Redemptive. Familial.

A Masterpiece, Really. Beautiful Filmmaking. Touching Story. Powerful Message.

Eloquent Action. Superb Character Development. Our Relationship With Our Own Emotions, and The Natural World.

Don Bluth's Best. Mrs. Brisby is By Far My Favorite Heroine.

The 1st Animated Film to Be Nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. It's Certainly Worthy.

Buzz and Woody are Friends! Jesse, the Prospector and Bullseye!

To Be Frank, I Would Have Been Happy to See The Film Without Dialogue Entirely. Such a Beautiful Story.

This is a Nostalgic Pick. Not Great, But Fun Enough.

And Yet Another Miyazaki Film! Nausicaa is My Second Favorite Heroine.

Brad Bird's (The Iron Giant & The Incredibles) 3rd on This List. A Story About Pursuing One's Passions.

My First Taste of Stop Animation. It's Really Quite Amazing. Henry Selick is Great.

Clever Story. Who Says Laughter Ain't Important?

One of the More Famous Japanese Animated Films. The Story is Manic, Graphic and Beautiful.

Nick Park is Brilliant. His 3 Short Stories Didn't Disappoint. Neither Did This.

One of the Darker Disney Tales. Sentimental Pick.

Katsuhiro Otomo's 2nd Full-Length Film Following Akira. The Visuals Are Stunning, Intricate. The Plot Lacks a Bit of Umpth.

Another Sentimental Pick. I Tend to Weep Everytime I Watch This. It's a Lovely Story.

Films that just missed the cut:

Films I need to Revisit:

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4 thoughts on “Miyazaki Mondays, and My Favorite Animated Films

  1. Fox and the hound!!!!! I would amend my list to include this. The first movie I remember seeing in the theater.

  2. It’s a great one. Sad like a lot of the old Disney flicks.

  3. laura says:

    love this post 🙂 i miss those days!

  4. Thanks LM! I miss those days too. We need to re-visit this. 🙂

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