Some People Call Me Old-Timey

Or an “old soul,” as I’ve been described. I suppose it’s true, in a sense. I have the sensibilities of an old man.

As exemplified in my penchant for mildly tasteless hard candies and black licorice, the slow, patient and methodical way in which I drive, and my general dislike for all things having to do with bright lights, loud music, crowds and what the kids (or whippersnappers) like to call “grinding.”

I like old-timey philosophy (Aristotelian), I wear old-timey shorts (above the knee?! oh my!), and I am often confounded by all things technical or electronic (it needs to be as simple as a light switch. Seriously. Ask Jessica).

Plus, I deem women should be in the kitchen. Barefoot and pregnant, cooking my dinners.

Okay, that last bit is not true.

Old-Timey Non With The Wrinkly Eyes

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6 thoughts on “Some People Call Me Old-Timey

  1. Jake says:

    The fact that you maintain a blog stuns me to no end. Also, this post made me feel young again.

  2. And why is that?

    Ya darn hooligan.

  3. Jessica says:

    It’s true about the electronics. And yet, when given the option between Non and myself, people always ask him about how to fix something on the computer (I blame it on my gender).

  4. Morgan says:

    Your shorts would fit right in down here, these guys like to show a lot of leg, regardless of activity or weather.

  5. Morgan, I don’t doubt it! Gosh we want to get out to NZ so badly. Are you two heading back for the holidays?

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