In Need of a Female Character

A Thousand Screaming Rabbits is in need of a female character. Alasdair needs this. To be honest though, I don’t have a lot of experience in writing lead female characters.

Is that because I am a male? Perhaps.

I did write a short story once that had two female protagonists. Oh joy. But, like I said, it was brief, the pair killing themselves in its conclusion (hey, I can kill them well enough. Woo! Death to the female!). My novella, A Mindful Rendition, had a couple of female characters, but they were in no way substantial.

Despite the inexperience, or shortcomings, or dislike of the way in which they whine and bitch and throw their hair about, I still need to create one. A solid one. A character every bit as important as Alasdair and Shamus.

And no, this character will not be named “Jakeina Kilroy.”

Perhaps someone like this:

The Lovely Tank Girl

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4 thoughts on “In Need of a Female Character

  1. Jake Kilroy says:

    Listen, man, do you want this book to sell or what? “Jakeica Kilroy” is just as bitchin’ of a female lead name.

    Also, read “Another Roadside Attraction” or “Still Life With Woodpecker.” Tom Robbins loves his leading ladies wild, fun and philosophical.

  2. That’s precisely why I’ll abstain from any mention of Kilroy.

    Alrighty. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Do you have some female lead characters in your novel? What’s their story?

    • Jake says:

      As your friend, I agree that using any variation of my name will lead to much exploitation, as I would make incredible claims about being involved in the writing process and being owed money.

      As myself, with stunningly grand delusions, I want in this book and I’m gonna find my way in somehow.

      I have two leading ladies in mine. One I created years ago, as a sensible way to argue with myself. The other one was created out of spite. They are both much for reasonable than myself, as most of my characters are.

  3. Okay, how about this? You make a case for it. If you can convince me of a character, I’ll consider it.

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