Outside, The Sun Illumines

Outside, the sun illumines the grass that grows in fitful patches alongside the brick-trimmed patio. It resurrects trees in shadow, the great behemoths to call the welcome respite from its heated gaze.

Without the wind to play, to dance and sway, the dust sits idly by. Its coat softens the hardness of the chain-link that surrounds the arena where the horses play. They plunge their noses into the trough, shifting it to and fro, to and fro until the water splashes up and refreshes their sun-warmed hides.

The dogs, in joyful, mindless reverie, bite the air in hopes of catching the wayward butterfly. But the insect simply flies higher, and the Labradors turn their noses in search of the ball or floppy Frisbee hiding beneath the emerald thicket.

The Yard In Which I Capture This Scene. The Dogs Find More Joyful Reverie.

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