You’d Love This! What? No, I Hate It!

My conversation with Jim Kelman via Instant Messenger:

I am trying to figure out the reasons for Harry Potter hatred. I have a few: One, general dislike/hatred for the genre of Fantasy. Two, general dislike/hatred for anything mainstream.

Yes. Agreed.

Three, hating anything that everyone is telling you to love.

If enough people tell you that you just HAVE to read/see/do something, I feel like ODD kicks in and you want to dislike it.


But I think that’s wholly irrational. And I dislike it for its irrationality

Oh yeah.

But I haven’t read Twilight, though I’m almost certain I wouldn’t care for it.

HOWEVER, I trust the book recommendations of those who like Harry Potter.

Not those who read Twilight.

I feel like if enough awesome people are telling you to check a book out, it’s probably awesome.

That’s a different thing altogether. I am the same. If I heard book recommendations for Twilight from those I trust, I would give it a shot.

Yeah, exactly.

Though I have read a chapter and it DOES actually suck.

Four, people sometimes don’t see “kids books” as a viable reading option as an adult.

But I think I like the idea of being surprised by something. If I have some preconception that is strong, my curiosity says I should give it a shot and ignore what others are saying. So I usually do. But I don’t think one can really, genuinely criticize without having experienced it.

Yah, Four is true.

I totally agree. I think it’s pretty silly when someone has a strong opinion of something without trying it.

My best friend does that more than anyone I’ve ever met.

But it does make for some of the craziest arguments I’ve ever been in.

It’s like the kid who hates some food his mother makes before he’s tried it.



It seems pretty silly.

Those who hate Harry Potter are missing out on some pretty killer adventures.

That’s what I’m saying. It’s such fantastic storytelling and adventure tales.

If you don’t want to experience storytelling at its best, then you sir are a doofus.

That’s the best way to describe those kind of people: doofuses.


I love that word. Doofus.

It’s so very apt.

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3 thoughts on “You’d Love This! What? No, I Hate It!

  1. Jessica says:

    Non, you have not read a chapter of Twilight and yet you bash it all the time. You tried to lie to me and say that you had read a chapter but you didn’t.

    Non and Jake, You guys are dorks.

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