Joyce Farmer Visits Latitude 33 Bookshop

Tonight, at Latitude 33 Bookshop, Joyce Farmer came to visit. With the recent publication of her “graphic memoir” Special Exits, which details, in “quotidian” fashion, the four years she spent taking care of her father and step-mother in their final, waning years.

Along with 15-20 others (including Jessica and the other bookshop employees), we watched and listened to Farmer as she spoke about her process, and her 13-year journey in creating the book. She was engaging, funny, and was very patient with one particular audience member who seemed to want to glean every possible publishing, writing and cartooning secret he could muster.


Joyce Farmer Speaks About Her New Book Special Exits


You know, I haven’t read anything by Joyce Farmer. Jessica seemed to know who she was and, to be frank, I should have also. She is one of the pioneers in the underground, or alternative, comic book world.

When talking about her first comic anthology (co-created with Lyn Chevli) Tits & Clits, she explained that they were created in response to the way women were portrayed in the popular Zap comics during the 1970s. As she put it, the “female was viewed through the lens of men.” Her and Lyn Chevli wanted to create a comic book that countered all of that; one that spoke about female issues from a female perspective. She really is one of the great feminists of our time. Oh, and R. Crumb thinks so too!

As for me, as soon as I finish Absolute Sandman Vol. 1, I am going to read our autographed (!) copy of the new book.

Go to Latitude 33 Bookshop to buy Special Exits today! Or buy online here.

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books


Special Exits, A Graphic Memoir by Joyce Farmer

Tits & Clits, Abortion Eve and Zap Comix



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