Apple Products, Release Schedules

A year ago, I was nothing more than a PC owner. My Dell, old, tired and pitiless as it was, hardly saw the light of day. Not that it needed to. Not since Jessica, anyhow. Her shiny black Mac (truthfully, I have never felt so hip abbreviating) was sufficient for the both of us.

Well, that was then. Oh yes, that was all the way back then. Back to the stone ages, in which our simple tastes were pleased as punch with one meager Apple computer, and an iPod, 1st generation, brought into the equation by Jessica of course.

Everything has changed. Some could, and most deservedly would, say that I’ve gone Apple crazy. But I say to you, kind sir, hold your tongue! Take a step back and look at the big picture! It’s not me, it’s her. Or you.

Okay, it’s me too.

I’m smitten.

Fast forward to the present and you can see that Jessica and I have in our possession, in addition to the aforementioned Mac book and 1st gen iPod, an iMac (gift from us both, to us both), an iPod Nano (wedding gift from Jessica), an iPad (gift from my boss) and, as of today, an iPhone 4 (birthday gift to Jessica from the Dobson gang and myself).

Plainly put, we love Apple products. I love Apple products, thanks to Jessica.

So Shiny, So Nice

But I’ve also heard, on more than one occasion, and from more than one individual, one major gripe: that Apple releases a new product, only to follow that up by releasing the second iteration less than a year, or 6 months, or some “small” time later.

And I say to that, why is this a bad thing? Am I distressed and angered by the soon-to-be-released iPad 2 in April? A meager one year later?!

No, no. It’s not a bad thing. Heck, it’s actually quite the opposite of bad. It’s good. It’s great. Wonderful. Superb. Beautiful.

So I wonder, where does this come annoyance and anger come from? Is it rational to be offended by how Apple chooses to release its products? They’ve obviously done something right. I’m still here, licking my chops, as our millions of people worldwide. Plus, let’s say you presume that Apple only releases as such because they want to maximize their profit (in some respects, some companies have taken the opposite approach to this. See Disney, for instance). To that, I say, well duh!

More profit=happier profit holders.

Happier profit holders=investment, longevity.

Investment, longevity=more reason and means to innovate, produce.

Innovation, production=happier consumers.

What about you? Please vote in the poll below. I’d like to see what you think too.

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