You’re a Witch. And What? You Can’t Predict Worth a Damn? To the Jails You Go!

From the Ludwig Von Mises blog comes this crazy story about “authorities (who) are pushing a new bill that will allow for the fining and imprisonment of witches who fail to foretell events accurately.”

While the government says it is merely cracking down on tax evasion (by creating new, unjustifiable taxes), critics say the proposal is a ruse to move attention away from the country’s economic problems.

Something like this should not come as a surprise in a country where the president, Traian Basescu, hit a child in the face while on his most recent campaign trail, but, shockingly, was still elected!

Thus, I agree with Romanian political commentator Stelian Tanase, who said: “The government doesn’t have real solutions, so it invents problems. This is the government that this country deserves.”


Disclaimer: I don’t believe in the magic and powers that witches claim to possess. But I do certainly want them to “use it.”

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