I, Pencil by Leonard Read: Audio Version

The classic 1958 essay from Leonard Reed, regarding the wonders of innovation and the inherent dangers of central planning as it pertains to that innovation. As Lawrence W. Reed put it in his introduction to the 50th anniversary edition of the essay, he says:

Ideas are most powerful when they are wrapped in a compelling story. Leonard’s main point- economies can hardly be ‘planned’ when not one soul possesses the know-how and skills to produce a simple pencil- unfolds in the enchanting words of a pencil itself. Leonard could have written ‘I, Car’ or ‘I, Airplane,’ but choosing those more complex items would have muted the message. No one person- repeat, no one, no matter how smart or how many degrees follow his name- could create from scratch a small, everyday pencil, let alone a car or an airplane.

Part 1:

Part 2:

For more information about Leonard Read, go here.

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