Tax Breaks to Hire Ex-Convicts = Idiotic

I’m all for second chances, and for when it makes sense (as is the case, I hear, for many) clearing out our prisons. But I am certainly not for giving tax breaks to businesses for hiring ex-convicts. That’s what a Columbus lawmaker wants to do.

It’s idiotic on a number of levels. Namely, it disregards the relevant- and the only- reasons in which individuals are hired: for their value.  If the individual can bring value to the business, if the business considers the skill of the individual a worthy investment, then there is reason to hire. Otherwise, you have no reason.

In this particular case, the bonehead lawmaker wants businesses to turn a blind eye to the reason they should hire.

Consider the repercussions of such a decision. Sure, you are given a couple thousand dollars. But what is lost? Certainly a great deal of time and money, much more than if you were to hire an individual based upon the skill and value they can add to the company.

If this law passes, I am going to crap myself.

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