Bookstores Close; Non-Booksellers, In Turn, Sell Books

Reading the Mises blog, I came across this article commenting on a piece in the NY Times which speaks to the recent bookstore closings and how publishers are, in response, reaching out to non-bookseller retailers to help with sales.

From the blog:

While big-box bookseller Border has filed BK and announced it’s closing 200 of its superstores in the US, more nonbook retailers are selling books. Stores peddling apparel, food and most anything are starting to offer books. Grocery stores and Wal-Mart have been selling books for a while and now “Coldwater Creek, Lowe’s, Bass Pro Shops and even Cracker Barrel are adding new books,” the New York Times reports.

Big publishers are looking to specialty retailers to replace the drop in business by Borders. “The books tend to be profitable for the retailers, since they select them carefully and do not usually mark them down,” explain Times writers Stephanie Clifford and Julie Bosman. “More important, they can drive other purchases and help with branding.

For the NY Times article, go here.

It does make sense. And it’s kind of cool. Do I want all bookstores to remain open? Sure I do. Is that realistic? Likely not.

Books live on!

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