More Hunger Games Movie News! The Atlantic Chimes In

The Atlantic writes about how important it is that the filmmakers get Katniss Everdeen right. I wholly agree!

An excerpt:

Anyone who has mainlined the best-selling young adult trilogy The Hunger Games can attest that the books are crackling and propulsive reads. Set in an apocalyptic future where teenagers are drafted by a totalitarian regime to battle to the death, the series is sophisticated and breathtakingly paced. And in her protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, author Suzanne Collins has created an indelible young heroine—one who is poised to achieve crossover success now that she’s coming to the big screen.

The news that cinematic tough girls and Oscar nominees Jennifer Lawrence and Hailee Steinfeld (along with almost every other working actress under 25) are top contenders to play the lead in the Gary Ross-directed adaptation has successfully ratcheted up interest in the upcoming film. Finding the right Katniss is a daunting casting decision—not only because the young actress will be endlessly scrutinized by a rabid fan base and must carry a movie franchise imbued with Harry Potter and Twilight-sized expectations—but because she will be portraying the most important female character in recent pop culture history.

Read the rest here.

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