Oh Look! Cool! Let’s Do That! Wait, Let’s Do That!

As you know, and as I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I am addicted to productivity. I find that to be a good thing, for the most part. But it does have negative, unintended consequences.

Namely, my ability to follow-through with a project is often upended by another new, exciting prospect; another avenue for maximizing productivity.

Priorities may change. Penchants may waver. Production, consequently, is erratic. Like the neurotic amphibian, jumping from lily pad to lily pad, heart astir in manic aversions to stagnation and failure.

And thus, I have conversations like the one below:

Cornelius Robbins: How far along are you with the novel?

Non Wels: Not that much further than we spoke last. Hooray! Gosh, that’s pathetic, isn’t it?

CR: Not really. But you’re kind of a freak.

NW: I start too many things. Novel, blog stuff, business plan.

CR: You’re working on the business plan now?

NW: Yah. Full force.

CR: Cool.

NW: Well, until I find something new.

CR: It’s better to have too much than too little.

NW: Right.

(waits a few moments, thinking)

NW: And then I think, okay, I do very much want to write a book. But then the questions start coming. I question myself.

CR: Yah? What kinds of questions?

NW: Like, where will it get me. What will come of it?

CR: Wild success, coke, gobs of free Blu-Rays?

NW: Right. (chuckles) But in all seriousness. I move onto the business plan, and get all into that, and I think, yes, that’s viable, that’s doable. You can do that.

CR: You could make some money. I can see that.

NW: Exactly. And the question remains: will writing a book provide the same?

CR: It does seem possible. More so than making billions, or a ten-spot, off of a book.

NW: (shrugs) We’ll see how it goes.

CR: Definitely. And you know, to that point. It’s really hard to have the whole fiction vs. business debate. It’s like money vs. fun.

NW: It’s like Excel vs. Hookers.

CR: I can’t beat Excel to death. It loses.

NW: But if you happen to manage to do so, Excel doesn’t have powerful Excel pimp entities to then beat you to death.

CR: Dude, you’re totally right.

NW: Darn right I am. Now where’s that Excel spreadsheet I was looking for?

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2 thoughts on “Oh Look! Cool! Let’s Do That! Wait, Let’s Do That!

  1. Jake says:

    Cornelius Robbins sounds like a wise mu’fucka.

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