Andrew Smith, Author of The Marbury Lens, Gave Critter and I a Shout Out!

A few days ago, I linked to a post of mine at ReadSchmead. It was a review of Andrew Smith’s stellar YA novel The Marbury Lens. As you can very well tell by the review, I was enamored, and as a result, I reached out to Andrew via Goodreads. It was very stalker-y of me. And not something I tend to do (although, as I am typing this, I suspect that’s the first line of defense for most stalkers). Anyhow, I went on and on about how much I loved the book. Recommended it to a few friends, wrote about it, and talked to Jessica about it.

Much to my surprise, Andrew mentioned the two of us in a post on his website! Scroll down to the bottom.

I feel so cool. Hip. Part of the in-crowd.

Cheers, kind sir.

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