Describing the Dogs

Each of the five dogs we live with (one of which is our very own) have a unique personality. They are all adorable, of course. As Labradors, how could they not be, right? But there are certain differences, and I aim to describe some of them here.

From oldest to youngest:

  • Watson: with that little grayish white spot near her eye, we like to think of her as part of a gang, and that she killed another dog to earn her teardrop. As the oldest, she’s the least active, choosing to rest in the garage while the others are running around in the sun. Additionally, her tail makes this circular rotation that is less wag, more helicopter. Thus, we call her Helicopter Tail.

Watson, the Killer

  • Schein (pronounced like “Shine”): daughter to Watson, Schein is of a similar disposition, but with a penchant for sticking her head betwixt one’s legs. It’s as though the in-between place was some sort of comforting land of tender loving care – which it is. Other than that, Schein is a bit frisky at times, and appreciates the back and forth of a casual play date (nothing like the flying paws from Scooby).

Schein, the Leg Dweller

  • Lily: the only yellow of the group, and mother to Scooby. She, like her son, is playful but knows enough to recognize her physical limits. She is stocky, and akin to a tank. When she pounces on a thrown ball, she nearly scrapes her belly on top of the grass. When she wags, her entire body also wags, like a big, powerful, fluffy earthworm.

Lily, the Tank

  • Gamble: the sportiest of the troupe, and the lone chocolate. She’s fast and loves to run, and will play fetch with the tennis ball – only the dirty, crud-riddled tennis ball; the newer, green ones she has no patience for – for hours and hours. She’s probably the sweetest and most mild-mannered, and is fond of getting her chin scratched.

Gamble, the Stoic Sportstar

  • Scooby: our black lab. He’s a playful, excitable 4 1/2 year-old that loves to pester the old gals, Watson and Schein, as well as his mom, Lily. Like Gamble, he likes to play fetch, but doesn’t like to let the ball go. Sometimes he buries it and stands on it so that no one else can get to it. In fact, he likes to hold the ball in his mouth whilst peeing, barking or pawing at your face. He loves water, but is afraid of the foam that is a result of the back and forth lapping at the lakeside. Jessica and I consider him, as we do with the horses, as our child.

Scooby, the Majestic Pee-er (notice the stick in his mouth)

Scooby Fears the Foam

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6 thoughts on “Describing the Dogs

  1. Jessica says:

    They are such adorable pups!

  2. Tracey says:

    Love the pic of Lily, and how she is sitting. I only know the Scoobster, but would love to meet the other members of your family.

  3. Tracy, that is a typical position that Lily takes. It’s adorable. You’re more than welcome to come visit the dogs!

  4. loretta Obstfeld says:

    I’ve met them all before, of course, but now I feel I really know them! Great to stop by and read your stuff.

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