My Dream Home

My dream home sits on a parcel of land large enough that if you looked out into the distance, there wouldn’t be another house in sight. Wrapped around the house is a porch with an overhang to keep the winter snow from its surface, and a porch swing that fits four people at once. A raised garden would be built in the back, and there we’d grow lettuce and tomato and green beans and all kinds of fruit and herbs. Perhaps we could grow corn, or have apple trees too. The house itself would be a one-story, with three bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, living room and a vast library – one similar to that in Beauty and The Beast, with nooks for reading, giant globes and leather bourbon sipping chairs. The interior of the house would be known for its open space, not unlike something Howard Roark would build. To the right of the house would be the barn, with the horses. There would be four. Dogs, three or four of them, would scamper around the land, chasing rabbits and other furry creatures. And I believe they would be Labradors and Bloodhounds, for a fine melange of playful and serious. Towering trees would be interspersed across the property, with enough low limbs to build a tree fort and hang a tire swing. Out back, as the parents (Rich and Cynthia & Mom) grew older, perhaps we’d build a guest house for them to stay, and we could take care of them, make them fresh pies, show them the progress our kids are making with the horseback riding. But that’s not all they’d learn. We would teach them how to garden and till soil. We’d teach them how to shovel snow and build a fire. We’d teach them how to build tree houses and use their imagination. We’d teach them how to explore and channel their inner adventurist. We’d teach them, above all, to be independent, to find their unique presence, their own unique voice and to use it, and be proud of it.

In my dream home, I’d be working from home. Jessica says that, to her mild chagrin, I am the better stay at home parent, because I can clean, cook, and do laundry – and I do so with glee. Jessica would be teaching, and enjoying every last bit of it.

In my dream home, I’d grow my beard as long as I damn well please. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “My Dream Home

  1. Rich Dobson says:

    Sounds like a great homestead; nicely written description. Would there be room for my Model T’s?

  2. Thanks Rich! There would certainly be room for your Ts. 🙂

  3. Cynthia Dobson says:

    I love the description of the dream home except the snow part. You should also mention that the grandparents can help take care of and teach the children about the good old days.

  4. Thanks Cynthia! The snow part is probably something Jessica wouldn’t go for, anyhow. Ah well. And yes, the grandparents would definitely play a large role in the care and development of the kids 🙂

  5. Jessica says:

    Instead of Labradors and Blood Hounds, the dogs would be a scrappy bunch of mutts, maybe some short-legged ones and then some really big ones.

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