Feed the Homeless, Go to Jail

Now, I am not entirely one to go out of my way to feed the homeless. In fact, I’ve had previous attempts to do so thrown back in my face, quite literally. But this is fucking retarded.

From Reason’s blog comes this story about two folks who were charged with “violating the ordinance restricting group feedings in public parks.”

I don’t understand it. Why on earth does the state have to intervene? Answer: because they have the power, and the “extra” resources to make it happen. What benefit are they providing in doing so? Answer: absolutely none.

More power grabs. More statism. Diminished freedoms.

Original article here.

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One thought on “Feed the Homeless, Go to Jail

  1. […] I wrote last week, people are being thrown in jail for exercising their own goddamn right to feed whomever they […]

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