Aren’t You a Feminist? Nah, I’m an Individualist

Yesterday, Jessica told me I should wear this t-shirt that says “this is what a feminist looks like.” I told her that, while I do believe that all are equal, I have qualms with the term.

Isn’t it, to call oneself a feminist, inviting gender into the equation? As I see it, that undermines, and is contradictory to the intent. Their intent is to say that all are equal – men and women. I certainly agree with that. But to employ “feminist,” one is quite blatantly concerning themselves with gender.

I think it’s more apt to say “I am an individualist.” And that’s what I am. Men. Women. There’s no difference. We should all treat each other as individuals. Gender shouldn’t play a role, unless it’s relevant for the context (i.e. you are a woman or man and you are seeking a mate in another woman or man, or man or woman). Of course, there are other (minor, irrelevant) differences, but in consideration of the most relevant, we shouldn’t be evaluating others based upon their gender. We should be evaluating them based upon their value as an individual – not as a man or a woman.

Voltairine de Cleyre - the Great Individualist - Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

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