Back From the Writing Retreat

I returned from the writing retreat on Saturday night, exhausted yet invigorated. It was truly enriching, and I learned so much. I’m very excited to keep this momentum going. To start, implementing Raymond’s advice, I need to set up a writing schedule and stick to it no matter what. “It’s like working out,” he said. It’s true. You just need to make it a regular part of your life. Otherwise, you’re going to forget details, lose the momentum you need to finish the novel. I also need to workshop. That is still a work in progress. For the time being, I have Jessica, but I’d also like to have a small group of serious writers for once a month critiquing sessions.

If you’re a serious writer, in want of finishing a novel, workshops are essential. You need to have others review your work, ask the difficult questions. For so long, I was afraid of this attribute of the process. And perhaps it’s because in some ways I considered myself to be a dabbler. Fuck that. I am not a dabbler. I am writer. I need to take it seriously, and take the proper steps to give me the best chance for success. And by success I mean, of course, money. Yes, I want to make money doing it. Someday, I will. Someday!

I have much to learn, and a lot of re-writing and writing to go, but I am ecstatic about the journey.

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