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Mimi and Eunice: Regulated Breathing

Courtesy of Nina Paley

Ah the wonders of legislation. Rules, rules, rules. The rule maker is the loneliest, saddest excuse for a job.

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Mimi and Eunice: Status Quo

As Nina comments on, this is how it often goes. Knowledge gleaned solely by nepotism, or without challenging oneself- the stubborn aversion to all that is new, and different, and against the grain as interpreted by your family or friends or lovers. But when you do encounter someone with non-conventional ideas, or an innate willingness to discover, it’s quite refreshing.

Mimi and Eunice: Status Quo - Courtesy of Nina Paley

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Tim Minchin’s Storm – The Animated Movie

If you love witty quips, Shag-style animations, and musings that can only be described as reason-fused and cleverly concocted, then you’ll love Tim Minchin’s “Storm.”

(HT: Morgan Loomis)

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