Subject + Verb Writing

Creating content that inspires giddy dances and cartwheels atop fuzzy green grasses. Creative, unique copywriting services.

Subject + Verb Writing Company is uniquely qualified to meet your needs:

  • Versatility: I will work on anything, from three-word taglines and 400-page research papers to creative marketing blogs and university publications. Copy editing, proofreading and masterful copywriting–you name it, I’ll handle it.
  • Affordability: My intent isn’t to gouge you with exorbitant rates. Nor is it my intent, for that matter, to gouge you with figurative spoons. I strive for mutually beneficial and happy partnerships.
  • Responsiveness: On a deadline? Not a problem. I’ll make certain to get the job done quickly and aptly. Also, as the productive side of my brain likes to say, I’ll simply “sleep when I’m dead.”
  • Experience: I bring to the table (let’s call it a dining table, to lend the image a bit of clarity) 8 years of experience in creating and managing worthwhile, relevant and engaging content for marketing firms, educational institutions, business professionals and more.

Give me a call. Shoot me an email. I am here to provide creative copywriting, copy editing and proofreading solutions to your marketing, advertising, academic, publishing and business needs.

949.689.4232 | Read the blog | Tweet me | Google+ me | Facebook me | Email me


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