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Books, Movies, Cereal for Dinner

Sometimes I’d rather spend money on books and movies than eat. It’s true. And I suspect that this desire would be much more pronounced if I were, let’s say, a hermit. Oh man. I would be starving, yet my home would be made of books. Literally. But only those big, throwaway hardcover John Grisham novels. Yes, I’d eat cereal for dinner three times a week, but I’d have so much money to spend on books and DVDs and all of the finest relevant accoutrements: cozy reading chairs, library ladders, decadent decanters, entertainment centers, special/limited/for-one-time-only blu-ray/dvd movie packages.

Thank goodness for Jessica. While we may eat cereal for dinner every once in a while, it’s not on par with hermit-hood. And I am especially thankful that she loves movies and books too. We can immerse ourselves and still find a good meal, here and there.

But we will have our Beauty and the Beast library, so help me Santa Claus.

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Books as Colorful Decor

To say that I adore books is a gross understatement. Not only do I love reading them, I also like the way they look.

They can be categorized into sizes or colors or genres, publication date or alphabetically by author’s last name. They can be piled into misshapen stacks, or your very own Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Capote version of Jenga. And if you’re enough of a bibliophile, they can make such things as wallpaper, paint and general decor relatively moot.

With our 1,000+ library of books, and the thought that this number will continue to grow, I like the idea of having a gargantuan library. You know, the one with the globe on the antique wood desk and the horizontally sliding ladder. Perhaps, in the corner, a genuine bear rug. Or not. Oh yes, these are the dreams, these are the wishes. In fact, it would be quite similar to the library as seen in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast:

I’d also like to construct some ceiling bookshelves for all of the, let us say, lighter (in weight, not literary depth) books. I certainly wouldn’t want War and Peace to fall on my head whilst asleep.

Here are some cool bookshelves, found at Dornob.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=bookshelves&iid=50966″ src=”0048/4ba3dc03-a930-491e-bf45-8269dbe8d01c.jpg?adImageId=12815627&imageId=50966″ width=”500″ height=”750″ /]

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