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Critter Bugs in the Bed

I don’t sleep well without the Critter Bug. I’ve gotten used to her bunchy face blankets that encroach upon my territory, my sleep number. I’ve gotten used to her body blocking Scooby from nuzzling me to death in my sleep. I’ve gotten used to her manic sleep talking, or “night terrors,” that leave me only mildly annoyed and mostly intrigued by their inherent craziness. I’ve gotten used to retrieving her coffee and Trader Joe’s O’s in the morning, while she sits up in bed with both of our pillows cushioning her back. Generally, I’ve just gotten used to her presence. And when she’s not there, I don’t like it.

Jessica, no more overnight shifts for you. I mean it.

Does anyone want a peanut?

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The Crack Addict at the Crack Manufacturing Plant

As you may know, Jessica works at a small, independent bookshop. And, as you may also know, she’s a book nerd; a book junkie, lover, addict. It’s to this latter point I find the most relevance, the most poignancy.

So it’s no fluke or happenstance that Jessica, over the last few months, had slowly but surely set aside a gargantuan collection of new hardcover and paperback fiction, non-fiction, YA fiction, children’s fiction and other books. All of which were stacked in piles under the counter. I envision she was chomping at the bit, dancing like a giddy kangaroo simply knowing she’d one day take them all home.

She did. She did take them home.

It was Wednesday night. She opened the trunk of her blue roller skate and inside I see that there are three huge boxes filled to the brim. We pull them out and take them into the bedroom.

For the next hour or so, Jessica and I poured through the books, salivating, smiles on our faces. It was wonderful.

But it doesn’t change the fact that Jessica is a crack addict working at a crack manufacturing plant.

Such the Crack Addict. Oh How I Love Your Addiction.

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