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Books, Movies, Cereal for Dinner

Sometimes I’d rather spend money on books and movies than eat. It’s true. And I suspect that this desire would be much more pronounced if I were, let’s say, a hermit. Oh man. I would be starving, yet my home would be made of books. Literally. But only those big, throwaway hardcover John Grisham novels. Yes, I’d eat cereal for dinner three times a week, but I’d have so much money to spend on books and DVDs and all of the finest relevant accoutrements: cozy reading chairs, library ladders, decadent decanters, entertainment centers, special/limited/for-one-time-only blu-ray/dvd movie packages.

Thank goodness for Jessica. While we may eat cereal for dinner every once in a while, it’s not on par with hermit-hood. And I am especially thankful that she loves movies and books too. We can immerse ourselves and still find a good meal, here and there.

But we will have our Beauty and the Beast library, so help me Santa Claus.

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Ellen Page, I Love You

Ellen Page is adorable. Uh-door-uh-bull.

Seriously, she can’t do wrong. Even in Super, in which she plays a disturbingly unhinged sociopath, she remains adorable. I mean, hell, her sidekick name is ‘Boltie.’ Boltie! It’s like if Zeus’ thunderbolt had relations with some trailer trash version of a thunderbolt (let’s call it ‘Bolto’) and then Bolto consequently popped out a mini Bolt, which we can now call Boltie.

Same is true for Hard Candy. Again, her character was somewhat deranged. But an adorable version of derangement!

And of course all the rest of them. Whip It. Juno. Inception! Even the dung lover’s pizza that is X-Men:Last Stand.

Need I say more?

I think not.

Ellen, keep doing what you’re doing. You are wonderfully talented, hilarious and adorable.


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