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My Children, the Troll Fighting, Bloody-Kneed Individualists

I want my children to grow up in a world that provides them with a choice. I want them to weigh options and learn from their mistakes. I want them to grow up and discover what is best for them as individuals. I want them to learn that they alone know what is best for their needs. I want them to choose, without the philosophical meddling of their parents.

I want them to get dirty and break bones. I want them to use their imagination, build forts, fight trolls in the backyard.

But I suppose I’m simply meddling. Yearning for something that is mostly out of my control. As is just and moral. I want my children to be individuals first. Family members second, if they so choose.

Mostly, I want for them to want that too. And so I sit here wanting and wishing, in realization that I am already meddling; in realization that I am romanticizing the entire notion. I admit it. I have a weak spot for troll fighting, bloody-kneed individualists.

*Note: we do not have children. Not yet anyhow. And I am fairly certain Jessica hopes that they wait to brandish swords. You know, at least until the breach the surface.

Wonder King Wiki - Courtesy of Wiki Commons

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I’ve Fallen, and Nothing Can Be Good Enough


Once chosen, touched by the heavens, in his good graces.

In this place, one can do no wrong.

Redemption. Forgiveness. A sinner transformed.

Or so they say.

But it doesn’t matter. Not any longer. Not as it is now.

I have fallen, they say. Plunged into the depths, blinded, confused.

A heathen, a liar, a selfish pedant.

Yet I am happy, I say. In good health, loved.

Can you not see? Can you not understand?

And I fear that you do not want to see, do not wish to understand.

To you, I am lost.

And nothing can be good enough.

Non Walks Away

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